Two Is a Lie

by Under The Bed

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elox_ Il miglior gruppo italiano di metal sperimentale colpisce ancora ed il loro Two Is A Lie si conferma come il perfetto successore del (altrettanto spettacolare) precedente album, conservando la sua natura camaleontica ed estremamente imprevedibile (mathcore? pop rock? alternative? electronic?) ed elevando il tutto ai massimi livelli. Favorite track: Crack a Selfish Open.
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"TWO IS A LIE" is UNDERTHEBED's follow-up to their 2013 debut album "THE NOBLE ART OF DENYING REALITY".


released September 16, 2016

album composed, performed and produced by Under The Bed

Armando Marchetti [vocals, guitar, programming]
Federico Morandi [bass, backing vocals]
Joshua Pettinicchio [raw and backing vocals]
Michele Bertocchini [guitar, backing vocals]
Andrea Bruciati [drums, backing vocals]

lyrics on track 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 by Armando Marchetti and Joshua Pettinicchio
lyrics on track 2, 4, 6 by Armando Marchetti
lyrics on track 10 by Under The Bed

additional programming on track 1 by Federico Morandi and Joshua Pettinicchio
additional programming on tracks 5, 6, 7 by Michele Bertocchini
guest vocals on track 7 by Gaia Della Santa
additional programming on track 8 by Joshua Pettinicchio
additional lyrics on track 8 by Caterina Nepi

album cover art by Tiziano Vitti
inspired by Alister Buss
coloring and art direction by Armando Marchetti and Federico Morandi

album recording, mixing, mastering and executive production by Michele Bertocchini

special thanks to Gianmarco Ricciarelli

and to all our dear bones and ghouls around the world,
supporting us since day one.



all rights reserved


Under The Bed Montecatini Terme, Italy

What’s under your bed? Old stuff, we guess, and new one too. Monsters you once feared. Things you want to keep hidden, and things you want to keep close. This is UTB. No genre, no rules, just music. Grasp your flashlight, and take a peek.

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Track Name: Diatryma Paddock
Whatever happened to you solved it all. No mark on your life, baby: you bet it’s tough. Keeping you right here is getting harder every day; in moments like this all my hate is unbound. I died on July but you didn’t care my mouth was filled with pollen and leaves. You said your name meant ‘unbending’, girl, and you are: I’ll grab my sneakers and run. A porthole opens. Whatever happened to you solved it, so let this water choke me. What do I still clog my lungs for? The harvest’s gone. Been starin’ at our opaque world for far too long. Keep on counting: you’ll never reach one hundred, ‘cause one number before that you’ll find me waiting. I need you like this first track needs a chorus: I’ll wait for the thaw, but I need a fold. A porthole opens. There’s something in this river of blood, but I’m blind to this pain:
I’ll watch golden railings glow.
I am God.
Track Name: Hatespeare
I died on July two thousand and twelve: the twenty-forth of the month, to be accurate. Or maybe it was the year before, I can’t remember shit: after that night, everyday looked the same. Dal punto in cui ti guardo non capisco se sorridi o se urli: come hai fatto a prender sonno stanotte? Non hai sentito la piena? Averti qui è come essere immerso in un olio bollente: si è fatto buio ma tu non lo vedi, parlarti ormai è una tortura. Dovresti vivere cent’anni senza di me, senza di me. Ma con la iena del tuo rimorso a divorarti il ventre. Perderò tutto ma avrò comunque tutto. True-fucking-story. Ehi! Finirai inghiottendo polvere: morirai in una cava e nessuno saprà il tuo nome. C’è quel becchino che ti aspetta nell’atrio, con una piuma di pavone nell’occhio: porgigli i miei… porgigli i miei saluti mentre ti sta scannando. True story. Dal punto in cui ti guardo non capisco: un vento morto mastica le nuvole, eppure l’erba che calpesto è viva come te. Watch, it ugly-- I died on July two thousand and twelve. I died on July two thousand and twelve. What earthly sweetness remains unmixed with grief? Remains unmixed with grief? I didn’t tell you something today: the real cause of my sadness. The reason why I get so angry, the reason why I’m crying now. I died on July twenty-fourth, man: year twenty and eleven, now I remember it! There’s something wrong with you, but you’re lucky as hell it doesn’t show on your face. Dal punto in cui ti guardo (I’m sorry) non capisco se sorridi o se urli: il vento strilla tra i pini di notte: (of being late again) non mi hai sentito morire? Romeo marcisce sulle assi del palco, senza nessuno al suo fianco: Romeo marcisce ed è sempre più stanco. Watch it ugly piece of-- Shove the fuck off: I’ll bounce back. Watch it, piece of shit, you’re a treacherous vermin.
Track Name: Something in the River of Blood!
Alright: you don’t know what they did to me. I saw Peggy drill a friend of mine under her arms. “What you say is what you are”, boy! “You are a naked movie star”. I saw tunnels under
my preschool: Ray flew in the air, I just wanna go home. I did bad things to animals, drank my best buddy’s blood, I just wanna go home. Mommy I just wanna go home. Where am I, dad? Do you want me to nod to everything they ask? This is what y’all wanna hear? Witches floating, right? Kids abducted during nap time? And I don’t know why I’m saying this: all the dolls that you gave me are hairy and creep me out. I’m so scared now: mama has crazy eyes, I don’t wanna go home, ‘cause there’s nothing in the river. In a world where everyone sees too much, I am proud to be blind, there’s always something in the river of blood. There’s something in the river of blood. There’s nothing in the river. Everyone sees too much in the river of blood: I’m only two and a half and I’m proud to be blind. My mother sees too much in the river of blood, but there’s nothing in the river, nothing! Nothing in the river: nothing in the river of blood. Damn. Alright. Everyone sees too much in the river of blood: I’m only two and a half and I’m proud to be blind. My mother sees too much in the river of blood. She’s the witch she’s hunting down: I’m so proud to be blind. I’m so proud to be blind.
Track Name: The Time
A five minutes drone note covered the time that I had to spend alone from your house to mine. I’m stuck between feelings, and the worst part is that I can understand ‘em both, like I opened my head split. Fuck, how can I pretend I don’t care? I’m a little dead ostrich when I’m missing your hand through my hair. Always said “being loved back kills art”: I would leave this mic to rust if that would give me your heart. The-- The weight of the morning is the shriek of the past, and the depth of the sinkhole that you left in my chest. I’m always afraid. Time flies as we rot in this hug, you should find a better way to ignore me, starting with this: don’t listen to this track, it’s too sad to see you stop the party ‘cause I’m fucking dead. It’s okay: I’m koi-no-yokan kinda fucked from the start, still I’m afraid you’ll find a way to ignore me. I need you like a beacon needs the water, you’re muffled in my sweater, teary eyed. Please listen to the fishes in your stomach, ‘cause these haphazard words are biased as fuck, girl, I want you mine. Nothing is safe, nothing remains the same, but I would stare into your eyes forever and I’m the one to blame. The anvils on my back are the tears from your eyes. Don’t underestimate my honesty or you’ll be surprised (I’m always afraid). I’m not denying reality, or putting up fights: I just can’t promise I’ll change for myself, and that’s why: you have no clue how I felt that night. You’re even prettier under the video rental store’s bright light. (I can’t believe you’re here). I need you like spring blooming needs the thaw and I’m so deceived by the shape of your lips. Please come and fill the chasm in my stomach: I’m tired of gauging what you feel and think. I wanna end this war. I’m wary of it all. I’m waiting but it’s hard. Will you be here or not? Will you be here or not? I wanna end this war (end this war). I’m wary of it all. I’m waiting but it’s hard. Will you be here or not? I’m jealous, stubborn and worn, do I need more time? Time. Do I need more time? Guess now we have to make up our mind: either we try to live together, or I’ll kiss you for the last time. Shit, if this is what I’m supposed to deal with, just fucking kill me already, this is a life I won’t live (I’m always afraid). Please find a way to ignore me, oh this song is so smart: blending 80s electronic with an Oli-Sykes-style part. (I’m always afraid) So sit tight, that was just a build up: this is when I’m gonna leave you, and then the real song starts.
Track Name: Aphelion / Perihelion
So you should know: when a new day is born other days already died before, and you’ll mourn. So grab it, taste it, crunch it under your feet: grief has no respect for you, no respect at all. No respect at all! Nothing is worse than feeling worthless: I learned it hurts to live with both closed fists in my pockets, but I dreamt you didn’t see me. I puked a line of blood just to follow it back home, mouth filled with pollen and leaves. You clamped me with your white bones, a specter in your black dress. Sometimes I feel so damn far. Nothing more than a spit on my face and I’ll just be done for good. You’re nothing less than my everything, migraine kills me as I wake up every goddamned day. Stop this bouncing back and forth (I swear I can’t): why don’t you get through your thoughts even though it’s tough and decide to be honest, pride is a mousetrap. The worst things that happened to you are the best times of your life (I know). Push fear aside (I’ll try) and learn to float in your sadness, nothing’s unaltered, no. Nothing on Earth is pretentious enough to be eternal, except for dust, and the hypochondria of a Core that stopped spinning. Nothing is worse than feeling worthless but you clamped me with your legs. (Get through your thoughts even though it’s tough), but one minute I’m fine, and next minute I’m far, where’s pride? When you decide… When you decide to be honest, swim in your sadness. Worst that could happen’s getting to know yourself. But I don’t know how. Clamp me with your white legs. I never liked this conversation, we looked, we lied, now it’s the End’s turn to gape at us, and it doesn’t lie at all, I fail to grasp your grayscale dress. I’m okay. One minute I’m fine, next minute I’m far, I’m colder than the absence of sound between stars. It takes some nerve to double back home, one just has to admit he’s late. One minute I’m fine, next minute I’m so goddamn far I could die, I feel so fucking damn far. So damn far. I used to be fine, now I’m eaten alive: that’s your secret wish right there, I’m so far. Wrap me up in your bone-white dress, I never raised this question for you to respond, but hey, no sweat: I never liked this conversation. Come and save me. One minute you’re fine, then you’re colder than the absence of sound between stars: you’re still so fucking damn far. So damn far. I dream to be fine, and eat grief alive: that’s my secret wish right there, I’m so far… Damn far. Fight.
Track Name: Keep Daydreaming (‘Til You Make It Real)
Silence is the sound we make when we’re up against our problems. They wanted us to stay apart, with so many people, so few years to live, you know… You know. You know, I always start with saying “never get involved, stay human”, but I could swear we’re married in an alternate reality, that’s so weird. I just can’t ignore these ants in a row. I can feel it though. Solid silence is the sound we make, feebly searching for our space. Thought I waited for the thaw, but all I needed was a fold. Fold space and time with me (I can’t ignore). Make a fold and find our place (these ants in a row): ten dimensions hide it (I can feel it though), but I will find it.
Track Name: Florence on Friday
I wish I knew the words to describe your eyes, I wish you knew how much power you’ve in your smile, you smell like the summer of 1999: I want to-- you. I don’t need no time alone to think this through: I swear you taste like this chord and this one too. I’m sixteen running back to school when I’m with you. I want to kiss you. Please let me kiss you. Florence on friday: and it feels like I’m hung over all fucking day. Florence on friday: and it feels like I’m high as fuck all day. All day. What else could I say to make you laugh? Your eyebrows are raised, my car is parked. I can see the smouldering tip of your cigarette reflected in your cyan irises. Spare me all the words that could make me realize I’m so desperate that a single fraction of time spent with you’s like a gift. Florence on friday… Florence on friday. It’s the night that I felt it: you already are in my head. I’m the one enjoying a freckle like a sunset. You told me your name means “unbending”. You surely are, but please stay: you’re the downstroked sixteenth palm muted power chords played on a peeling guitar. I wish I knew the words to describe your eyes, (and it feels like I’m high as fuck all day) I wish you knew how much power you’ve in your smile. You smell like the summer of 1999: I wanna kiss you: I’m gonna kiss you. I loved the way you made skulls grin in the drawings you used to do. Remember the toy with the guitar sounds? Loved how your house smelled of wood. I went to Florence today: I met a girl. I can’t wait to come to rehearsal room with you so I can sing ‘bout her. She can fix me: she won’t talk to me at all. Let me ask why: I don’t get it. This car is empty without you. Florence on friday makes your eyes look colder. Nothing could heal me more than your thin shoulder, but it feels like I’m high as fuck all day. Florence on friday makes my eyes look colder. I wanna live hoping no one’s counting on me. You can fix me (I can’t fix you): why don’t you talk to me at all (I won’t talk to you at all), I need you (if you say you need me you scare me), I don’t get it (‘cause I’m not feeling high as fuck all day). I wish I knew the words to describe your eyes, I wish you knew how much power you’ve in your smile, you smell like the summer of 1999: I want to--
Track Name: One Plus One
I need a kiss, but not yet ‘cause the sun has to go down. It’s like the neighborhood has morphed into some kind of skeleton. I changed my mind, so kiss me now, ‘cause I’m scared of the dark. Even better: kiss me tomorrow, ‘cause tonight the monsters will come. Go, go, go. Leeches, bats, fiends and rats are hidden tonight, under the bed. Bones and ghouls are hidden tonight, that’s the time to be scared. The giants holding the sky are grieving for the sunlight: don’t kiss me now, girl, don’t kiss me now. The gloomy toll of the bells awakes the ghosts from their shells, they’re lighting jack ‘o lanterns up to forewarn what will come. Don’t ever kiss me, alright? Once again I changed my mind. Oh, kiss me now, oh, kiss me now. Forget everything I said, there’s something under the bed: climb on me, I’ll pull you by the back of your neck and kiss you (say it!), kiss you (say it again!), kiss you (one more time). A hooded crow is pecking at the windowpane: every tick of its beak shreds this throbbing pain. Tug my arm, yank my hand, and drag me along in this night. Dried salt frees my throat from the knots our End tried to tie. Tiptoe through shattered glass and wait for dawn to save us with a secret warmth, its keys our fingers. The giants holding the sky are grieving for the sunlight (oh, kiss me now, oh, kiss me now). The gloomy toll of the bells awakes the ghosts from their shells. Oh kiss me now, or I’ll kiss you now. A wormhole opens. Samhain! Monsters coming, but I don’t care: I’m at ease with them, honey. Nothing can touch us, we are one-plus-one. Oh, yeah. Leeches, bats, fiends and rats are hidden tonight, under the bed. A wormhole opens, clenching our bodies in a sealing embrace: our interlaced fingers.
Track Name: Crack a Selfish Open
Keep your hands off my father: you’ll never walk straight again. Some of us didn’t bury you: it’s been decades and you’re not dead yet, liar. You liar. Here the storm will have damaged fields, by now. Boy, wires are down, I know, is that you, liar? Liar! Yeah. Crack a selfish open: it’s atrocious. You’re Bunyan, I’m Tozier. You sure cast a long shadow for a dead man, fucker. Does she still serve your ass? Crack a selfish open, you’re the culprit for my father’s sense of guilt. Wish I’d given you the sea of my noes for a present. I’ll take my life if I become like you. I run away to chase you down, liar. I run away to chase… Hey, you know you had it all? You creep, I looked up at you. Drumroll, it’s on. I’d much prefer to be inhumed alive, but yet I’m still holding your hand. I’m waiting for the perfect storm that will dissolve you from my eyes. A silver bolt will eat your words and corrode your disguise. I have reached the lower bound of what I can see. Dad, he’s getting closer! Grab your sneakers and run, dad. Put your sneakers on and run like hell. (I run away to chase you down, liar). Mirrorboy! You’d like to say that you own me? Fat chance, mirrorboy! You had it all. Crack a selfish open: the catchiest chorus ever for the biggest piece of shit in the world. You had it all: I’ll never say the notes you sang were vile, but you had this coming. I’ll look askance at what I loved. You’d better clear the fuck out of my sight, you bastard. I’ll never crave your death, mate, ‘cause you’re spoiled inside. I’ll wait for eyeless horses to come. Put your sneakers on and run away, dad.
Track Name: Golden Railings
Not something easy to bring up with your friends. I need alone time watching myself from afar, ‘fore I decide if I accept who I am. I need golden railings ‘cause there’s not a thing I can cling on to. I thought about letting go: I’m sitting here and I feel alone. Here lies death: these words were never said. I needed to come back, now I realize that your eyes and smiles are all the pills I need for my ache. I’m inhaling past mistakes as I bend time and space, now this is like a gift, man, I can feel its brand, no more staring at a closed door, now I have some clarity ‘bout how much all of my labor of life is worth to you all. It really takes some balls to embrace who you are, so I’m singing. I’ll watch golden railings glow. I’m sitting here but I’m not alone, ‘cause I know if you stay, all my ghosts fade away. Fade away. Last thing you said to me? “I wanna live hoping nobody is counting on me”. You know, this still haunts me. I see golden railings. Did I let you down? To end your pain may seem bold, but the bravest thing I’ve done is saying that I’m not doing fine with a smile on my face. I’m not done yet. How does it go? I’m not done yet: I know I need a grip. Golden railings: it’s been a hell of a trip. There’s something, something I need to fix. These ghosts keep me an inch away from tears. Ehi, cambio lingua ma non cambio testa. Resta pure seduta anche se questa è una festa. Con la tua assenza mi spezzi, zero passive aggressive. Flow terzinati? Sempre gli stessi: cosa cazzo pensavi dicessi? Controllo i miei passi ma si sente che d’aria ho fame: la converto in fumo ma sono stufo di cercare il tuo odore in fondo a una Camel. Evito in sogno i fantasmi: tanto ci parlo già da sveglio. Non ho mai avuto paura, stavo aspettando soltanto di vederci meglio. Even the bear knows I don’t like Badminton: I collected all the things that you left. Turned out you never needed them. The sun is warm, the air is moist and the hissing in my ears is telling me I’m standing right where I should be. I do have time for me now: headlights cut through this haze. I’ve never been afraid, I just waited for my sight to heal. I can see it: rotten logs won’t hide it now. It’s been watching us for all these years, I finally see its face. It was smiling, and I grin back ‘cause I know you’ve been through this as well and I’m glad this gets me closer to you. Fasten upon me, breathe the light. Here lies death: my legs are tired, but this doesn’t mean I’ll stop. Figure me out into the cornfield. The flow is not gone: but fix yourself first. Just let it roll, love has no time or place. Soon enough you’ll get this: masters will fall from grace. Golden railings: this time I got a grip. I’m not done yet: my golden railing is you. I’m seeing everything glow. I’m sitting here and I’m not alone. There’s something in my life left to fix: someone has to do it. It warms my heart, it warms my heart to know it’s gonna be me. Now greetings, fucking ghosties! Traditional explanations of common things are like violent hurricanes to me. Whatever you'll do to sum them up it’ll make it worse. All the rules you impose to us sound trivial, so fix yourself first, and surrender to innocence. 'Cause in the end life means to walk, step by step, and avoid the dark. There isn't any goal to achieve, no actual ends.
So here it is: you're running free.
Never losing,
never dying.